Do You Wish to Take Enjoy Your Retirement in Thailand?

The Thai soothing and relaxing environment are enchanting for every person. This environment is enchanting is such a way that even foreigners do wish to have longer stay in this home. The tropical paradise offers the best place one can take his retirement days. The Thai retirement is visa is what is required of you in case you have found the enchanting sceneries of Thai nice for your retirement. There are simple requirements that you must meet to get the Thai retirement visa.

The process of getting a retirement visa for Thai involves the following stages. A passport that has more than one year before it expires is necessary. You also need to have permanent residence or nationality to the country of application. You need to prove that you have adequate funds. Your age must be 50 years or above. The passport must be signed on each page. You need to have a non-immigrant visa. An original Thai bank book is a prerequisite. Get a letter from your Thai bank. Three photos showing your full face are some of the requirements.

There is usually a confusion to most people on the extension of stay and the re-entry permit. Both of them are UK passport renewal in Thailand requirements which you must possess during your Thai stay. The extension of stay is used to control the date of your stay in Thai. Your stay is dependent on it. All things are invalidated with the expiry of the extension of stay. Even with this, if you leave Thai without the re-entry permit, the extension of stay becomes invalid. It is important to keep this in mind to avoid embarrassment when you go to another country only for you to be denied access to Thai soil.

You are required to continually report your stay for each 90 days if you are on long-term extension of stay to the immigration police. However, a person whose visa allows multiple entries, he/she can renew the extension of stay for each three months. If you realize that it is hard for you to get the extension of stay while in Thai, get the non-immigration visa for a consulate or embassy of Thai in your country. You can also learn more about Thailand retirement visa by checking out the post at

The financial requirement includes a bank account holding at least THB 800,000. A monthly income of more than THB 65,000 is also necessary. You need to have a combination of the bank account and the annual income totaling THB 800,000.

Upon approval of the visa, you must sign it in person at the immigration office. Your physical presence at the immigration office is only required at this moment. The forms will be signed in the presence of the immigration staff.

Seeking the assistance for Thailand retirement visa application of a professional lawyer will assist you deal with the requirement and enjoy a nice retirement in Thailand.